You can use Stripe Connect to allow to save credit cards of users on the main platform account. Allows to sign up stripe business accounts directly on the business page from the editor. Splits commissions automatically with the business based on fixed rate and/or percentage. 

All you need to do is purchase the Stripe Connect extension in our marketplace and do some fast configurations in your Editor.


This is the account that saves the cards info.

1. Go to the Admin Area>Integration section.

2. Paste the keys of the Stripe Account, if you want to test then put the sandbox keys.

3. Paste the connect keys

Be sure that the Stripe and Stripe Connect both are in Live or Sandbox.

Now you need to proceed to set the Stripe Account of the Store.


1. Go to the store you want to add the Stripe Connect payment and Click on the Payment Methods, activate and click on more in the Stripe Direct payment, then just Click on the Connect With Stripe Button

And that's all, now you have your Stripe Connect ready to work.

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