Here I'll show you how to do Pages a different way using an Editor HTML.

I used this one However you are free to use the one that you like.

Also, you need your cloudinary account in case you want to add some images.

-HTML editor
-Cloudinary Account
-Your Builder
-Imagination to create the coolest CMS

How to do this?
you have created your HTML code that you need to put in the CMS pages, I know when we hear HTML we think much difficult coding stuff... this is not the case, to the Editor that I suggested before you won't need to code anything.

2nd Change the coding on the CMS.

3rd Update your Website & see the changes.

Here you will see a video about how to these changes.

You see, this is not difficult.
Please play along with this article also in case you missed something about how to add the pages in the footer

Let me know your thoughts and how to improve for you
I love to read ideas to innovate

Your dearest friend
Mauricio CallĂș

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