Following this tutorial, you'll be able to create new pages and access to the to them from the side menu of your apps.

To do this go to your builder and select the app you want to add the pages.

1.- Write down the title you want for your page.

2.- This field is for the direction for your page. Spaces, commas or special symbols are not allowed.

3.- Here you select the type of page. Currently, there is only one type of page; we are going to improve this option in further months.

4.- Clicking on this you will add a page to your app.

5.- Clicking on this clear the previous fields.

6.- Clicking on this to edit the content of your page. A page like this is opened, learn more about how to edit the page in this article

7.- Clicking on this to remove the page from your app.

8.- The image resources of your page will appear here, click on the trash can to delete the resource, then you'll need to remove from your page (point 6).

Now to have access from your app to your new page, we need to modify a file. 

You can learn more about how to modify a file in the next article: Edit → Custom Files

Once you downloaded the side-menu.html, almost at the end of the source you need to add the next code.

NOTE: Please backup everything up before editing, be very careful.

<a class="item" href="new.html" target="_self" ng-class="{arabic_rtl: arabic_rtl}">
  <div class="icon-text">
    <span class="icon ion-log-out icon-primary">*</span>
    <span>New Page</span>

Modify this code with the name of your page, and the icon of your preference from

After these steps just need to rebuild your apps, Larn in this article: 

Opening a page or form within the app

If instead of this you which to open a browser with any external website in app, that is also possible, this is useful to load for example forms.

You can use this code as an example:

<a class="item" onclick=", target, options)" ng-class="{arabic_rtl: arabic_rtl}">
<div class="icon-text">
<span class="icon icon-primary"></span>
<span>New page</span>

This options 

onclick=", target, options)"

Would be setup like for example

onclick="'', 'popup', 'toolbar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes')"

This would look like this

For more options please check

Also let me share with you this article which will show you how to create some CMS pages in a different way, efficient one.


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