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TOPIC: Re-Sellers Program.

DESCRIPTION: Possible to do re-selling within our system, you can choose any of our packages as listed here:, to start your re-selling.

TOPIC: Re-sellers Customers.

DESCRIPTION: Question about who can be your customers, if you do re-selling? Its that simple any business as per your location, is supported within our system to do re-selling.

TOPIC: Re-sellers Products.

DESCRIPTION: Any products that are listed on our website product page, check:, can be purchased to do re-selling.

TOPIC: Re-sellers Products Selection.

DESCRIPTION: Thinking about if you can choose any select products for reselling, that are listed on our product page? Yes, well that is absolutely possible, since we give you the chance to customize your own package as per your requirements.

TOPIC: Best package for re-selling.

DESCRIPTION: We don't have any fixed package to choose for re-selling, rather you can take any of our packages that is listed on our Product page for doing a re-selling. Details as provided below:

  • One-time package purchase- One time cost you've to bear to get the system, and it doesn't includes FREE stuffs like support and updates for lifetime + "Free Extension Credits"
  • Yearly package purchase- Subscription based, and you have to subscribe your system each year, to enjoy getting the best system services with FREE stuffs for lifetime, including free updates, hosting +  "Free Extension Credits"
  • Monthly package purchase-Subscription based, and you have to subscribe your system each month, to enjoy getting the best system services with FREE stuffs for lifetime, including free updates, hosting  + "Free Extension Credits"

Here is the direct link to check all of our packages with price:

TOPIC: Minimum package cost for Re-selling.

DESCRIPTION: Our basic 1 city package that comes for 79 USD per month, 588 USD per year 799 USD one-time, is the minimum package cost to start your own re-selling.

TOPIC: Re-Sellers program within a city.

DESCRIPTION: Thinking if it is possible to start reselling within a city? The answer is "YES". We've a "Basic One City" package that you can get, to do reselling within a city and it cost 79 USD per month, or you can take it as yearly or for one-time cost as well.

TOPIC: Re-Sellers program as per location & customer.

DESCRIPTION: You can do reselling to any places, within a country to unlimited cities, and there is no restrictions in it, and for that you can take any of our packages, listed in our website pricing page. You do have to pay us to start re-selling to any places neither do you have to pay us for bringing in a new customer within your website, only we do take the subscription that it.

TOPIC: About our re-sellers customers.

DESCRIPTION: It is private and we don't disclose the details for our existing customer, since they are being covered with our privacy protection.

TOPIC: Re-selling with your brand.

DESCRIPTION: You can use your logo or the restaurant's logo but you have our branding for an extra fee( optional extension, 399 USD per platform, one-time payment. NOT PER STORE.) by which you can remove it.

TOPIC: Re-selling including hosting.

DESCRIPTION: Yes, hosting is included, and FREE for lifetime, We use AWS. the best server, which most of the big companies do use it for there own business, read more from here.

TOPIC: About our packages.

DESCRIPTION: You can take any of our packages to start reselling, also using our basic multi-city, Pro & Advanced packages, you can create unlimited business, and you don't have to pay us any extra charges when adding any new business to your website, we only take the subscription. 

TOPIC: About our Mobile apps.

DESCRIPTION: Our Pro & Advanced packages includes the apps, and you can use it for reselling too, using your own brand.

TOPIC: Set-up time to install your re-sellers website.

DESCRIPTION: After your payment is confirmed, we will install your system, in less than 24 hours or less. For Apps, we do take 10 working days, excluding holidays, to delivery your apps, since it needs a lot of work for us to be done to make it ready and publish on the web.

TOPIC: Business menu upload.

DESCRIPTION: If you need we can help you upload your business menu, and we take a minimum of 0.069 USD per product for menu uploading, or it can be done by you as well, following the guided tutorial that we've prepared for you as help! System setup doesn't includes menu uploading for no cost, it is optional.

TOPIC: Payment gateways.

DESCRIPTION: As default, you'll be getting COD (cash on delivery), Credit/Debit card on delivery options within each package you choose. To get other gateways, either you can choose the right gateway as per your requirements from our marketplace extensions list, or we can help you integrate any gateways for just 389 USD, one-time cost by a custom work.

TOPIC: Single business app.

DESCRIPTION: Single business ordering app, is a mobile app, which helps your business to publish online through app individually, i.e. within the app, the business can use his own brand, images logo and icons for the app. It helps your business to have a separate value on the web. Single business app is not included in any of our packages, as it is optional and sold separately for 299 USD each for iOS & Android.

TOPIC: Our extensions/Add-on features.

DESCRIPTION: Extensions are our new features that help your business to boost more power in becoming more powerful on web. It helps you to be more stronger than your competitors. Extension can be purchased from our marketplace, and it is a one-time cost. After purchase, we will activate your extensions in less than 10 hours or less (If purchased within working days) or in less than 24 hours( if purchased in within weekends).

TOPIC: Reward-loyalty feature.

DESCRIPTION: For now, we don't have this feature, but it can be implemented and achieved by a custom work, which is possible to 100%.

TOPIC: Location for re-selling.

DESCRIPTION: You use our system for re-selling to nay parts of the globe, as it supports all country, language, currencies and flow to 100% so you don't have nay problem to use to any location.

TOPIC:  One-time package fro re-selling.

DESCRIPTION: The Minimum package for re-selling is 799 USD for 1 city, multi business package including dashboard, that you can get for one-time cost. The maximum package cost 3999 USD, one-time cost and it includes everything, starting from website, dashboard, builder, ordering app, business app, delivery app etc.

TOPIC: Package Upgrades.

DESCRIPTION: Package upgrades is flexible and very easy, if you have purchased a minimum package for monthly, and after using it for some months, you need to upgrade to any higher package or want to go for yearly subscription, it is 100% allowed to do that anytime when you want. But there is no reduction in the price, because you are using it monthly/yearly.

TOPIC: Single business app, getting in bulk.

DESCRIPTION:  If you're planning to provide each of your business a single business app, so that they can use it on their own brand and icons, We've a great pricing plans to get it in bulk.Please look at this presentation to check the cost incurred to get separate single business app for each of your business, it has been very nicely presented, to understand quickly about the cost, Please check :

TOPIC: Cost for 5 separate single business app.

DESCRIPTION: It's all there in the presentation, please check:, as it says, it will cost you 1346 USD for 5 business/licenses and so on.

TOPIC: Custom business URL.

DESCRIPTION: Are you thinking if your individual business can have their own separate domains? Yes, each of them can have their own domain, the set-up for each domain will only cost 49 USD per custom domain.

TOPIC: Hosting.

DESCRIPTION: Hosting is included within any of our packages you choose, and we do host your system on AWS (Amazon Web Server), the best server that all big companies do use now a days. If you need to have your website hosted on your own dedicated server, you can get our open source extension as options, sold in our marketplace to get the source code as well as hosting access on your own server. 

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