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When you get this awful screen 😖

It is because your App keeps showing this message in the pop up regarding the Geolocation services 

The quick way to change this is to go in your Ordering Builder, check the Version of your Apps, if it is 3.13.0 or lower, you have to updated to the latest one that is shown in the "Build Apps" Section.

NOTE: This message can change according to the version the Apps are.

All you need to do now is Build the Latest IPA with the right version and upload it to the stores, now the Apps will be up and running and showing the right message.

Let me share some of the helpful articles we have to do all the process in less than 10 minutes and learn some more great functionalities of your software.

How to update my App

How to upload my IPA file to the stores

NOTE: if you have a config.xml under your "Developers Tool" inside your Ordering Builder, please let us know and we will help you to do the changes

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