The first that you need to do is login into your Apple Developer Page and follow the instruction on this article  How to create my iOS Distribution Certificate.

Ones you have your new Distribution Certificate you need to change this certificate to all Dev & Adhoc files that you have created.

1st.- You have to select the file that you want to upload the new certificate and then click on "Edit".

2nd.- Select the new Distribution Certificate and click on "Generate" to create the new Dev or Adhoc file.

3rd.- Ones you create the new file only need to download this file and change this on your Builder. 

4rd.- Repeat the steps 1 to 3 for all files that you need to generate again.

Now we just need to upload these new files to the Ordering Builder. 

Go to the "Key Store" option and select "iOS" to upload the new certificate and files that you created.

1.- Upload the new Distribution Certificate.
2.- Upload the Dev file.
3.- Upload the Adhoc file.

Go to "Build Apps" and click on "Build Pro" button to generate you iOS app with the new certificate.

Hope everything is very clear if you have any doubt, just keep letting us know and we will be more than happy to get them solved.

Glad we can help!
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