On this article you will learn how to create a Bundle ID for your Apps, we highly recommend you to use the same in Google Developer Console & iTunes Developers.

1st - Create New Bundle ID - click on the "+" icon that shows under your App IDs in iTunes Developer Account.

2nd -  Set up the name and bundle your app will show in the stores, this must match with the information you will need in the stores.

3rd - Before you save this step activate the Push Notifications & then click on continue (blue button)

4th - Register the new Bundle 

5th - Click Done to finish the Bundle ID creation

After all these steps are finished you will be able to select this Bundle ID in the stores in case you want to upload the App.

You are one less step to get your Apps in the stores, and we are very happy with it.
If you need any help from us do not hesitate in asking us.

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