Here you will learn how to create the iOS Distribution files also known as iPhone Distribution, if you don't even know what I am talking about, you are in for a threat, this can be very helpful not only for your Ordering Apps but for any App you want to get in the iOS Store.

Let us begin.
1st - You need to create the new Certificate by clicking on the "+" on your top right.

2nd - Select App Store and Ad Hoc & click continue at the bottom (blue button).

3rd - Very Important - You need to Create a CSR to proceed with the creation of this Certificate, Please read the instructions in this step for you to continue (it won't take more than 15 minutes and will help you a lot in the further process), if you got it just click continue (blue button).

4th - Once you've created your CSR, in this screen, you will see a "Choose file" Button, click on it and select the newest CSR file you created, after this click continue (blue button)

5th - Download the Certificate that is provided and Open it in KeyChain Access (tool in iOS), you can just double-click the certificate that was downloaded.

6th - When the file is opened in Keychain Access, click one time a little key with your name will show after this right-click on the iPhone Distribution Certificate & Export it. When you do this you have to set up a password for this certificate which will be the same that you have to put in your Ordering Builder.

That is it, now you have your iOS Distribution file which can be established in your Builder where it says "Change file .p12" under Keys Store tool.

If you need any help here, we are more than glad to give you a hand.
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