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Here we will learn how to create a keystore for your App, this keystore will help you to get the APK (Android App) in the Stores.

You can generate an app signing or upload key using Android Studio, using the following steps

1st - Open A New Project on Android Studio project.  

2nd - You have to fill up the following information that Android Studio will ask you regarding the New project you are about to create take a look at this video http://d.pr/i/RMyDV9

3rd - After the Project is created and everything is fully loaded (it might take like 4 minutes) 

4th - In the menu bar, click Build > Generate Signed APK.

5th - Select a module from the drop-down, and click Next

6th - Click Create new to create a new key and keystore.

On the New Key Store window, provide the following information for your keystore and key, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3. Create a new keystore in Android Studio.


  • Key store path: Select the location where your keystore should be created.
  • Password: Create and confirm a secure password for your keystore.


  • Alias: Enter an identifying name for your key.
  • Password: Create and confirm a secure password for your key. This should be different from the password you chose for your keystore
  • Validity (years): Set the length of time in years that your key will be valid. Your key should be valid for at least 25 years, so you can sign app updates with the same key through the lifespan of your app.
  • Certificate: Enter some information about yourself for your certificate. This information is not displayed in your app but is included in your certificate as part of the APK.

Once you complete the form, click OK.

 - Continue on to Manually sign an APK if you would like to generate an APK signed with your new key, or click Cancel if you only want to generate a key and keystore, not sign an APK. 

In this case, we are going to Cancel just to get the keystore file, once you locate it in your files, you can change the name to myapp.keystore and it will work for the purposes we are looking for, however, if you want to sign it as APK you can.

That is it, you got your keystore ready 👍
Do not forget your Alias & password, you need it for the Ordering Builder.

All this information was retrieved from Development Android Studio Guide

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