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We know this might be tricky sometimes, however, it is a great knowledge if you want to get the best App up and running in the Stores 👍

Before you start reading the following guide, you have to be logged in your Google Play Developer Account in order to see all the settings that I explain in the guide.

After you have your APK uploaded in the stores you can start with these simple instructions below, if you haven't please check the following article 👍 


Note: we help you with this process the first time for free, all other times that we need to do this we charge $49 for the human knowledge and work involved.

Creation of the Store Listing

The Store Listing controls what your end users will see when they find your application in Google Play. 

This step involves submitting content such as your title, description, icon, screenshots, categorization, contact details, and privacy policy. As discussed in the "Prepare to Publish" section, some of these items are required, while others are optional. When you're finished, click the Save button.

If you've entered all of the required information, you'll see a checkmark listed beside the "Store Listing" along the left-hand side of the screen. The next step is to complete the "Pricing & Distribution" details.

NOTE: If you are uploading the Delivery (Drivers) App. On the description of the App, be sure to add: Disclaimer"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

Pricing & Distribution

In this section, you define the pricing details for your app (free or paid), where you want it available, and consent options. When you're finished, save your changes and if you've entered all of the required information, it will show a checkmark next to "Pricing & Distribution" along the left-hand side.

Let´s Publish that APKIf you've submitted all of the required information, a "Publish this app" button will be enabled on the page. Your application should appear in the store usually after a few hours (but could take longer). 

Hope this helps you a lot, if you have some more questions, you can ask us, or look for some more information on the internet 👍 whatever you do, just be sure to get this App up and running 😀 

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