We are aware of course, that before showing your App to the general public, you have to do some testing, check if everything is working properly and after that, you can be really sure that you want to publish it.

On this article, you will learn how to do this, for sure.

The way to achieve this.

You can test your App in the Builder to do some quick review of it and change images or resources according to your point of view, and after you see everything looking fine, you can Build the APK & IPA files in order to test on your Devices.

The steps to do this are the following:
1.-Change your Image & Resources according to your style.
2.-Go to Build Demo
3.-Click on Update
4.- Copy & Paste Url (We recommend to do this on incognito window, because of the cache)
5.-After everything seems fine in your browser, go to Build App, click on Build test & test it on any device you have.

NOTE: In the case of iOS you have to add a UDID (How to get my UDID) to the certificates, you know what?... don´t worry about it, just share with us your Apple Developer Account, and we will add the UDID in your certificates.

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