Learn how your Business App will help to the management and growth of your platform:

Log In

You have to use your Business Owner credentials in this step to get in the Business App to start managing your Orders from any device.

On your dashboard you can create as many business owners as needed under the users Tab, and then give each one of them their own account.

My Orders

Once logged in, you will see the current orders you have pending, in progress and completed.

With this easy dashboard, you will manage all the orders very easily.

Here you see the Sidebar Menu, Refresh Orders button & Search Order button.

Order Details

When you choose your Order, there will be some options to proceed with the process.

Reject: Decline the Order, the customer will be informed of it

Accept: Once you accept you have to set up a delivery time which the customer will see in a push notification.

After Accepted

After accepting the Order, you will see the details on it, and also you have the ability to select the driver who is going to deliver the items.

After this driver is selected they will get a push notification saying that there is a pending delivery on Delivery App.

Note: The select driver extension is sold separately.

Print Option (Feature/Extension)
If you have the printer totally synced in your devices, it’ll be very easy to print the orders to the kitchen or just for the cashier to keep track on the orders.

Reject Order (Feature)
When you reject an order the following screen will show letting you to call the customer & send a notification about why the order has been rejected.

Sidebar (Tool)
On the top left of your app, you will find the sidebar menu which will show a few options which will totally help you improve the performance of your business in just a few tabs.

Product List (Feature/Extension)

On this screen business owners will see all the stores they have assigned and will be able to edit, enable/disable products in just a few tabs.

This of course will help you anytime

Note: These extensions are sold separately.

Settings (Tool)

On this Screen you will find basic settings set up for the Business App to be fitting your requirements easily such as:



-Currency Position

-Time Format

Edit Account (Tool)

On this Screen you will find basic settings set up for your Account on Business App.

In just some quick tabs you can modify the profile account which will be totally synced to your Ordering Dashboard.

I know this article which help you to get a better understanding of what the Business App will do and how it will help you a lot to improve & grow your management

I take any suggestions in regards of the article & anything else, we just want to improve as always :).

Have a great Ordering!
Mauricio C:
Marketing Manager

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