This is the page used for edit the categories about the business that you select. In this article, we have listed the explanation of each of the buttons and information that you have to fill out.

1.- Mark the checkbox of the orders you want to do some action like Edit it or Delete it, If you click at "All," then all the checkboxes will be checked or unchecked.

2.- Write to show the categories filter by name.

3.- Click to add new categories.

      Creating Category


      3.1. In this option, you can select the languages that show the information about the new categories that you are creating.

      3.2. Click to write the name of the new category that you are creating. Must be filled.

      3.3. Click on this area to select or update an image for the new category that you are adding.

      3.4. Click to save all changes and create the new category.

      3.5. Click to exit without saving any changes. 

4.- Click to edit an existent category just click in the row of the category you want to modify, otherwise, select a row at the checkbox and then click on edit button at the color line. When editing a category a window like add product window appears, the functionality is the same

5.- Click to select the order of rank in which categories appear. 

6.- Click to enable/disable one category, when disabling the category the customer can't see this category when his trying to place an order.

7.- Click to delete the category that you select.

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