This is the page used for edit the product that sells the business you select. In this article, we have listed the explanation of each of the buttons and information that you have to fill out.

1.- By clicking on "ID," The dashboard will sort from lowest to highest ID, click again and will sort from highest to lowest.

2.- Mark the checkbox of the product options you want to do some action like Edit it or Delete it, If you click at "All" then all the checkboxes will be checked or unchecked.

3.- When clicking on "Name," it will sort from A-Z all zones, click again and will sort from Z-A.

4.-Show the products filter by name or category.

5.- By clicking on "Category," it will sort from A-Z all zones, click again and will sort from Z-A.

6.- By clicking on "Price," it will sort from lowest to highest price, click again and will sort from highest to lowest.

7.- Click on "Add" to create a new product.

      Creating Product  

      7.1. Select the languages you want to show this Product Option

      7.2. Upload the product image just click on the field; you can upload maximum three photos. We recommend that the size of these images has a maximum of 1000 x 1000 pixels so your website will be faster.

      7.3. Name of the new product that you are creating. Must be filled.

      7.4. Start typing and all the product options you previously created will show. If the product options don't exist, go to "Product Options" and create the new one (optional)

      7.5. Write a little description referent to the new product.

      7.6. Write all the ingredients that your product has if necessary(optional).

      7.7. Click on the drop list to select the category to which the new product belongs. If the category doesn't exist, go to "Categories" page and create the new category.

      7.8. Establish a price for the new product. Must be filled.

      7.9. Mark the checkbox if the new product is a featured product, if this product is selected as featured it will show on the top of the product listing.

      7.10. Save all changes and create the new product.

      7.11. Click to exit without saving any changes.

8.- Click to edit an existent product just click in the row of the product you want to modify, another way is to mark the checkbox and the click "Edit".

9.- Click to enable/disable one product, when disabling this product the customer can't see this product on the business page.

10.- Click to delete the product that you mark in the checkbox.

      Uploading CSV

11. Add products in batch by uploading a CSV file. The example CSV file can be downloaded here. To edit this file we recommend this online editor , to learn more about the edition of the file please check For example on the Category field, the number of the category according to your dashboard must be added. And to separate ingredients, you must use the symbol @. With the CSV file, you can add in batch the name of the product, description, ingredients, price, and category. Here is a sample small video to show how to download the example CSV file and upload it on the recommended software to download the correct CSV format file

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