What is this setting for?

At this page, you can see the details of an order, including the status, the driver and the history of changes.

To go back to the Order List page just click the "ORDERS" tab on the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

1.- Clicking on the status you can change it to any of the next values.


2.- Clicking on the driver, you can set another driver to the order.

3.- If you edited a comment, modified the status or the driver to the order and want to keep the changes must click the Save button.

4.- If you edited a comment, changed the driver to the order and didn't want to keep the changes must click the Cancel button.

5.- Clicking on the textbox, you can write or edit a comment to the order.

6.- This section shows the order number, and the information of the customer who generates the order includes the client name and his email, address, phone, and city.

7.- This section shows the name of the restaurant which received the order and details about payment method, delivery type, estimated delivery time, delivery date and time.

8.- This column of the table represents the product description and quantity required; it also shows the percentage destinated to the service fee, taxes, and tips.

9.- This column shows the name of the person who asked for the item.

10.- This column displays all the product options that the customer specified in the order such as size, extra ingredients, combos, etc.

11.- This column has any comment that the customer added to the order.

12.- This column contains the amount of money that corresponds to the item description at the first column.

13.- The purpose of this row is to show the total sum of all the elements on the table.

14.- This section indicates the history of all the status and changes that the order has experimented.

16.- This section shows the signatures that the restaurant requires if are necessary.

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