Before starting to configure be sure that your delivery zones by map and by distance are disabled. To do this go to your dashboard click on more, multi-delivery zones, and move the switch to off to disable the zones.

To configure your delivery type to "delivery by term", you need to go to your dashboard click on more, settings, delivery type, and set the delivery type to Search with dropdown.

Also, you need to go to your builder and in the settings, unmark the Search by Adress checkbox. Remember to click on update and rebuild your website.

Once your builder and dashboard are configured to deliver by term, need create a new delivery zone. To do this go to your dashboard, in the section more go to multi delivery zones tab, and create all your neighborhoods clicking on Add in the neighborhood table.

Once you created your neighborhoods, create the delivery zones. A delivery zone may include many stores and many terms.

That's all, our Ordering page is now working to deliver by term.

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