What is this setting for?

Here you can edit the images and videos of your choice.

In this article, we have listed the explanation of each button and information that you have to fill out.

1.- By clicking "ID," the list will get sorted from lowest to highest ID & vice-versa.

2.- Mark the checkbox of the product option you would like to Edit or Delete, If you click at "All" then all the boxes will be Checked or Unchecked.

3.- Look up for the images or videos, filter by name or category.

4.- Add a new image to the photos gallery.

      4.1. Show a drop-down list of the available languages, select one to continue.

      4.2. Name of the picture that you are adding.

      4.3. Upload the image you want to add to the picture gallery of your store.

      4.4. Save all changes.


      4.5. Exit without saving any changes.

5.- Edit an existent image or select a box and click on edit button in the top options bar. 

6.- Enable/disable one image or video, when disabled customers won´t see this picture or video see when they go to the gallery.

7.- Delete the image or video that you mark in the checkbox.

8.- Add a new video.

      8.1.  Shows a drop-down list with all the available languages, select one to continue.

      8.2. Add a name of the video that you are adding.

      8.3. Write the URL or Link the video that you want to add. Please use the format indicated in the picture & change the width and height of the video.

      8.4. Save all changes and insert the new video.

      8.5. Exit without saving any changes.

9.- Click to Edit, Add & fill all the information just like you did on Photo Edit button.

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