How will this extension help my business?
An automated process has always been a significant innovation in every field any business you choose, from making donuts to get together all the components in a computer, and it's here to stay, with this imagine all the money and time you can save with these 💡.

How does it work?
After accepting the order from your Dashboard, Business App or Delivery Dashboard, and setting the order as Accepted by Business, the system will see the location of all your active drivers & assign the order to the closest driver.

If the order is rejected by a driver, the new assignment must be done manually from any platform available, this way we make sure the management of the orders is done right.

Where can I get it?
This extension can be purchased in your marketplace, the price is $299Usd One time payment, or maybe you have some credits available if you do we are more than happy to activate it for you, email us 👍🏼.

Your Ordering Team!
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