After you get that annoying message that iTunes is saying "App Rejected" we know it can be very frustrating, however please don't get frustrated, your ordering team is going to help you to get thing sorted faster so the App is up and running asap.

The Most Common Issue that

"We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access their location but does not clarify the use of this feature in the permission modal alert."

and a screenshot showing which pop up is having the issue, like this.

When this happens all you need to do is Update the file in the Developers tool, it is much easier that it sounds like 😀 .

All you need to do is

1.-Log in your Builder
2.-Go to Developers
3.-Upload the new File in config.xml
4.- Update
5.-Rebuilt the App

After you've done the change, you can submit the latest version of the App in the stores, and that will do the work 😀 

I really hope this helps you a lot!
If you have any question get in touch with us 👍 

We are here to help

Happy Ordering!
Mauricio C:

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