Learn how to use your Delivery App.

Log In
You have to use your Driver credentials in this step to get in the Drivers App.

On your dashboard you can create as mani drivers as you need under the drivers Tab, and then give each one of them their own account.

My Orders

Once logged in, you will see the current orders you have pending, in progress and completed.

Here you see the Sider Menu, Refresh Orders button & Search Order button.

Order Details

When you choose your Order, there will be some options to proceed with the process.
Reject: Decline the Order, the customer will be informed of it.
Accept: Ones you accept you have to set up a delivery time which the customer will see in a push notification.

After Accepted

After accepting the Order, you will see the details on it. and also you can see the map route of the accepted order.

If you have anymore questions we are here to help you 😀
Have a great Odering!

Support Agent.

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