The first that you need to is create an account on LiveChat, for this click on the next link and follow all the steps to create your account.

After you create your account and log in on LiveChat page, click on "Install LiveChat" button to start the process to add this integration to your website & app.

The next step is to click on "Copy to clipboard" button to copy the code block that you need to paste into your builder.

Login to the builder

After you copy the code block, log in to your builder and select the product that you want to add LiveChat, Ordering Web.

Add LiveChat on my website.

After you select the website click on "Third-Party" tab to add LiveChat integration.

On this section, you only need to paste the code block on the "Body" field and update this change.

To see this integration working on your website, you need to update your site on the builder. Click on "Build website" tab and then "update website" button. 

Now only need to open your website to see LiveChat working on your Ordering Web.

NOTE: If you can not see this change you need to open your website to incognito windows or clear the cache memory on your browser.

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