As a owner of your project you might want to generate invoices to your business, it can be done automatically with Zapier, Google Sheet and Zoho.

Before continue with this tutorial please verify that you have your Orders Exported to a Google Sheet, just like we explain this article:

Once you have this you need to create another sheet in the same Google Document named Monthly Totals

And in this sheet you will need to create the next headers

  • Business ID 
  • Business Legal Name 
  • Subtotal 
  • Delivery fee 
  • Service fee
  • Discount Driver 
  • Tip Total 

The first two columns you must fill with your business data. (Note that business legal name may be different, this will be the name that the invoice will be charged)

Then in the subtotal you must put this formula:
=SUMIFS('Global History'!F:F, 'Global History'!$D:$D, "="&$A2, 'Global History'!$L:$L, ">"&EDATE(TODAY(),-1))

And pull to fill the rest of the table

This formula takes the total of orders only of the last month.

Once this data is in the Google Sheet you need to go to Zapier and create a Zap with a date trigger and select every month day 1st at midnight.

Then you need to add an action to find the data in the Google Sheet.

Then you only need to select the business for this ZAP

Once you get the business monthly information you need to add another step with Zoho Books to create a sales invoice.

Now you need to select the business name in the template (This must be the same name that is registered in your Zoho Books account)

And in the line items section is where the service fee will be charged

If you followed all the steps in this article you will generate an invoice ready to be payed like this one:

Best regards, Pol Zepeda

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