Get this extension in our marketplace to use it.

To configure you need to create an account, in

Once you had an account you need to add a new App.

After to create the app write the name to your app and verify that the email that shows is correct.

Then go to settings and fill those fields.

Please fill these fields with this info:

  • Display Name: Name of the App.
  • Namespace: "nameoftheapp" with no spaces.
  • App Domains:  write "localhost."
  • Contact Email: Your email for contact.
  • Privacy Policy: If you have one, please add it, in case you do not have a page of these, just write on your website.
  • Terms of Service URL: If you have one, please add it. in case you do not have a page of these, just write on your Website.
  • App Icon: Upload your App Icon.

Complete this personal information for security.

Add Platforms

Add Website.

Click on add platform and select Website

On the Site URL field paste this link https://localhost:8100/ and click on "Save changes" button.

Add iOS

Select iOS Platform

Put the Package Bundle that is in your App, example: "com.ordering.ordering".

Add Android.

Do the same if another platform is needed like Android. 

Use these texts in order to get it working.

  • Google Play Package Name: On your builder you can see this package on your OrderingApp. example : com.orderingapp.ordering
  • Class Name: com.facebook.loginactivity

Add hashes in Android "Key Hashes"


After completing these fields and save the changes will appear a popup message, just click on "Use the name of this package" button to continue with the configuration.

Add Facebook Login Product

Click on "+" button and then select "Login with Facebook".

You need to write the Valid OAuth redirect URIs and check if you have the same options that the screenshot shown below.

Here you have to use these texts below to Valid OAuth redirect URIs
1st.- https://localhost:8100/oauthcallback.html
3rd.- https://"YOUR_DOMAIN"/oauthcallback.html
4th.- Your Domain

Review Application

To complete the configuration about facebook login only need to publish your app. 

Finally go to your builder ( and write your App ID to finish your settings. After this you need to rebuild your website/OrderingApp to see this extension working.

Also be sure that the Facebook_app_name is the same as the one in the Facebook Developer Account.

The first thing you should do is log in to your website with your Super Admin account. Once you logged, you have to select "More" from the dropdown list that appears. 

In the settings screen select the "Integrations" option and click on "Facebook Setting" to complete the configuration to your Facebook login.

To complete the configuration to Facebook login only need to paste the App ID & App Secret on the pop up that shows and save the changes.

Are you updating your apps?

Please follow this link to update your version and re build your apps to publish on the Appstore and Google Play

*Note: Facebook login will not work on the demo apps created on your builder unless you add the temporal domain as Valid OAuth redirect URIs. Please test the Ios and android apps directly on your phone.

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