This is a Basic feature for those who want to show the best products they have in the store, just with a simple click on your Builder, the products will show FEATURED on the front.

Let me show you how 👍 

In just a few steps

1.- Get the extension, you can get it in your marketplace or just ask us about it.

2.- One we activated you will see it in your Ordering Builder, and you have to update & rebuilt the product you want to show this new feature.
Learn here how to do that

3.- Now go in your Ordering Editor and look for a product to Feature.

Get inside the Store > Select the Product > Feature it

And that's it, now the featured products will show on your Front End 👍, this means for Ordering Website, Ordering App & Ordering BOT.


Great right?
I really hope this helps you to understand better how this works 😀 

if you need anything else, just contact us 🧐

Mauricio C:
Marketing Manager 

Ordering  🎉

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