Why are customers reviews vital for your Business Sucess?

First, let me explain you a little bit about why these extensions are necessary before getting in the tutorial of how to make it work.

There are several studies that tell the Business Owners & Start ups to get in the customer's shoes before & after launching, we have learned this the hard way, you don´t need to do that, you can improve much faster your business success with the words & ideas of your customers.

I really hope this helps you in your success.

Listen to your Audience

"Happy customers often spend more, return for more, and share more about their great experience. But how do businesses know if customers are happy? For a long time, customer ratings have served as one of the most important yardsticks when it comes to the measurement of happy customers. The problem, however, is that they have traditionally been difficult to trust and regulate – and, more importantly, challenging to glean valuable insights from."

Now let's get into the reason why we are here

After you purchase and enable this extension in your App you can do a testing by creating one review (highly recommended), how to do this? 

1st Create one order from your Ordering App or Web
2nd Go in your Dashboard to review the Order
3rd Go in your Ordering Web or App to see it

Take a look at this quick video to see why we mean 

Helpful video here

Extra Instructions:
In your Dashboard, you will be able to choose which reviews are worth showing in your App & Website and which not, just by clicking on the buttons you have there

Get them for your Ordering App & Web

Get extensions in less than 24hr after your purchase Only $199.00 in marketplace

Thank you very much for your attention, this read might take like 10 minutes of your time but save hours of it.

Mauricio Callú R.
Happy Ordering

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