With our newest invention your customer will be able to order in advance for dinner tomorrow maybe or next week breakfast.

No matter the order, it can totally be done with this extension.

Let's get in to it, How does it work?

When the customer is in the Ordering Website, in the business listing if the business is closed or a button on the business page will display a Option that says "Pre-Order", when they click on it there will be several options such as:

-Select Menu (These menus will be showing according to the ones you have in your Ordering Editor)

-Delivery Time (This option shows after you select the menu)

-Go to Menu Button (This button will show the products that this specific store have in the menu and then you can start the Order)

After this all you need to do is start the Order like one normally do, however this time, the order will be for the future you, who will be very happy to get the food or products in two days from the day that this was order.

Here is a quick video to show you how it works

TIP: If you are in the reservations, catering or services business, this tool will help you a lot.

We also of course have it for your Ordering App, don't think we forgot about one of the most common ways to do ordering.
This is the same behaviour as the Website, however, it will be on the Android and iOS devices.

Are you ready to get more orders that you could ever imagine?

I hope you this worked for you!
Have a great Ordering

Mauricio C:
Marketing Manager
Ordering, Inc.

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