Save a lot of time, and stop wasting your customers time typing the information the computer or even worse... writing everything again & again.

Improve your customer service 👍  everyday.

Let's get in to it.

This is how it works

Once your customers create an Order, according to the phone number that was in the order, your smart dashboard will save the information of the customer that just ordered, this way you can avoid:

  • Business taking information of another business
  • Guest Login Users get nice customer service too
  • Easy search in your dashboard, you won't need to check on each business, just check in the orders

How will this benefit your business?

When this customer calls again, all you will need to ask is for their phone, that way at the time you are creating a new Order you save the customer a lot of time instead of type all their info once more.

This is what we call, Smart Ordering

In Ordering we like images & video to understand better things, here is a quick video that will show you how this will work.

I hope this helps you a lot 👍
Have a great Ordering

Mauricio C:

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