Please follow these instructions, you can create business owner in a faster and simpler way making use of TypeForm and your integration with zapier, instead of the Dashboard, you can even allow the business owners to create their own account automatically. 

Before we start with this quick tutorial, you have to create an account on TypeForm; the following link will help you to create an account on TypeForm.

Ok, now that we are on the road, let's begin the process to create a business owner using TypeForm and Zapier integration.

Create the form using TypeForm.

After you create your account, you need to create the form that you use to create your business owner. In this tutorial, we use the next information to generate the form. 

Create the connection between TypeForm and Zapier.

You need to add the Ordering Platform just by clicking on the email and accepting the Trigger (We are going to send the link after your purchase of Zapier Extension).

It will look like in the image below. All you need to do is Log in to accept the invite.

Step 1- Create a Zap.

You need to create a zap. 

Step 2- Create the Trigger.

You have to select the Trigger that you need, in this case, we are going to use "Typeform".

 On this screen, you have to select the default values and click on "Continue" button.

On this section, you have to connect you TypeForm Account, click on "Connect an Account" button.

This show a new windows, on this page you need to paste the API key that TypeForm create automatically when you create your account. 

Once you connect your account, you have to select the form that you created and continue to the next screen. 

Tested the form is the last step that you need to follow. Click on the button to finish the create trigger process.

Step 3- Choose and Action.

On this option, you have to select Ordering like action app.

Once selected Ordering, you have to choose "Create User" like action. 

On this screen, you have to write all the information that you need to create a business owner.

  1. Write your project name. This project is the same that you use to log in to your Dashboard.
  2. Write the language number that you have configured. On your Setting Dashboard, you can see this information.
  3. Select the field that creates on the form. Click on the icon to see all the list.
  4. To complete this information, go to your Dashboard to look at your country and city number.
  5. Select "Business Manager" on the list.
  6. This is additional information, you can write the address or leave these fields blank. Another option is to include this information in the way you created and select these fields.

To finish the process to create an action all need to do is send this new action to test. 

Step 4- Turn on the new Zap.

This final step is to turn on the zap that you create. After you complete this step you can use TypeForm to create Business Owner. 

Here is a quick video of how this can be done, I know there are some people that like more watching at the video of how to do it, it has no sound, but I know you will like it

If you need anything else from your Ordering Team, just let us know 👍
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Support Team

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