It is very important for you to have total control on the extensions that you have previously bought and the ones that we gift you.

We know that 👍 

In this Article let us give you a quick guide on how to activate them or if you don't need them, just deactivate them.

1.- Get in your Ordering Builder and go in the App you want to Manage.

2.- Look for the extensions that you want to manage, if you have them already purchased the only thing that you have to do is click on the checkbox and update the Apps once more.

That is it 😎

All you need to do now is Update & Rebuilt the Apps to see the changes you've made.
This article will help you to get this also done

We got everything covered and well explained for you 😀 

Have a nice day in part of all the Ordering Team
Keep on always improving
Work hard

Mauricio C:

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