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The first thing you should do is log in to your website with your Super Admin or Business Owner account. Once you logged, you have to select "My Stores" from the dropdown list that appears. 

After to select "My Stores," click on "Edit" button to configure the widget popup integration to the store that you want.

On the option of the store that you select click on "Ordering channels" to see the widget option. 

After you choose "Ordering Channels" tab this shows a popup, select "Integration on your website" option.

This option shows some code blocks to add this store to a widget on any website to which you have access to the code files.

On the "Modal Style" dropdown list you can choose the style that you want to shows the widget like a button or chat integration.

After you select the style only need to paste the code blocks on the website that you want to add the widget to this store and save the changes to see the widget working.

These videos - Tutorial, will help you better understand the widget extension and how this extension works.

Widget button with modal Style.

Widget chat with modal Style.

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