Whit this integration that you'll find in our marketplace, you can track and manage your orders, it's easy to use and helpful to keep informed about your deliveries.

To use it you need to create an account at www.tookanapp.com and once you created just need to identify the next values inside settings tab in the lateral menu.

The first one is your user id:

And the second one is your v2 API key, if you don't have any you can generate one:
(You just need to click the Generate Key button)

Now you need to copy those two values and paste them in your Ordering editor, just like in this example:

Be sure to mark as YES the tookan enabled field, to can see your delivery orders in your tookan dashboard:

We hope you like Tookan Integration as much as we do!

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Have a nice Ordering

Regards, Pol Zepeda
Support Expert.

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