You already have your Brand, Color, Images, Menus, Stores, Delivery Zones and a lot of more aspects that denote that your platform, belongs to you, however...

Do you want more? we have it for you.

With this extension you have the ability to remove the label at the bottom of your Web & Apps.

                  This One

Here is how to do it:

1.- Get the extension, you can get it in your marketplace or just ask us about it.

2.- One we activated you will see it in your Ordering Builder, and you have to update & rebuilt the product you want to show this new feature.
here how to do that

3.- Take a look at your website and see the changes, sometimes your browser will save cache, so you have to eliminate it or look for the change on incognito window 👍 

It's a pleasure to help you
Mauricio C:

🚀Keep on Improving!

Your Ordering team 🎉

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