To do this tutorial, please verify that have a Zapier Account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free in this link:

Once you have your Zapier account open this link to create a zap with Ordering.

Then you need to select the "New Order" trigger action.

Now you need to link your Zap to your Ordering account, to do this you need to know your project name and a superadmin API Key

Zapier will generate a link that you must paste in the webhooks section:

Then you need to test the step following Zapier instructions.

Now that we have the trigger step completed, for the next step you need to create a Google Sheet with this fields in the header of the columns (you can add more columns if you want):

  • ID
  • Customer email
  • Customer Name
  • Business ID
  • Dishes
  • SubTotal
  • Delivery fee
  • Service fee
  • Discount
  • Driver Tip
  • TotalĀ 
  • Date

Once you have your Document you will need to create an action sugin Zapier and Google Sheet

And in the action you must select "create spreadsheet row".

Then you only need to connect your Google Account where you created the Google Sheet.

Now you need to specify where the data will be inserted

After that you will select the info that will fill the row.

And do this with all the columns

*NOTE: In the business ID please verify, because there are more than one field with this name, but not all are the right one.

Once you created the template you only need to test it and public your zap to be able to register all your orders in a comfortable Google Sheet page.
Remember to not edit this page, because it may cause some unexpected functionality to the zap.

Best regards, Pol Zepeda

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