How to add more pages to your ordering web. 

For example, if your page is "", the pages you'll create will be at ""

1.- Write the title you want for your page.

2.- This field is for the subaddress for your page. Spaces, commas or special symbols are not allowed.

3.- Set this page as content.

4.- Here you select the theme of page. Select the type according to the page you're adding in doing it in the Ordering App, Ordering Web, Business or Delivery.

5.- Clicking on this you will add a page to your ordering web, for this change to show on your site you need to rebuild your page.
Check how in this article: Edit → Build Website Clicking on this clear the previous fields.

6.- Clicking on this to edit the content of your page.

      6.1. Click here to start edition, when clicking this, Icon Changes and a Box with editing tools appears.

            The Green Button saves changes; the Red one discards them.

There will be a box with a few options where you can choose to edit the page you are working on:

      6.2. Header format selects the text and then click on the heading icon.

      6.3. Subheader format selects the text and then click on the subheading icon.

      6.4. Text as a paragraph select the text and then click on the paragraph icon.

      6.5. List select the text and assign the kind of list. To create sub levels or remove levels use any of aligning icons.

      6.6. To make a line break click on the line-break icon.

      6.7. Insert an image click on the icon and select a picture from your computer. The image must be in the size that you want to be displayed.

      6.8. Attach a video, click on the icon and paste the video link.

      6.9. To add an iframe, click on the icon and put the code which will show the iFrame.

      6.10. To modify the footer of your new page just overwrite the text.

      6.11. Destination link just clicks on the icon and paste the link.

7.- Clicking on this to remove the page from your ordering web.

8.- The image resources of your page will appear here, click on the trash can to delete the resource, then you'll need to remove from your page (point 6).

Now your page has been created, to have access from your ordering web to your new page, we need to modify the footer learn how to do this step in this article: FOOTER - Edit the content of my footer

IMPORTANT: To acces to your new created page first need to modify the content, otherwise won't be visible.

Also, if you do not want to do this annoying task we can do it for you, fill the next form and you will receive a quote in the next 48 hours:

Pol Zepeda
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