Sometimes you want to share something important to your customers and the best way to do this in your website is with a popup in your site. (For your apps you can send push notification following the steps of this article)

To do this all you need to do is create a new free account in Get Site Control,configure a few things and in less than five minutes your site will be showing the message to your customers.

Once you created the account need to add your site to that account. In this tutorial we're going to add a popup to the site 

Then you need to copy the code that give to you in your builder in the third party at the body section and click on update button.

After do this need to rebuild your website (learn how to do it here) and click to check if the code was successfully added. 

The next step is create the popup you want, to do this need to go to the widgets section in Get Site Control create a new widget. You can do more than only popups, but in this example we create a pop up. Just click in the Promo widget.

Then you can set the appearance of your popup and the content.

Then you only need to click in the OK button and activate your widget.

And now Finally you can go to your website to see your message.

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