Let's innovate our business orders management, with Twilio, before we start all this, we need a Twilio account which can get here https://www.twilio.com/

Did you get it? Ok, Let's start

.- You need to add the Ordering Platform just by clicking on the email and accepting the Trigger (We are going to send the link after your purchase of Zapier Extension).

It will look like on the image below. all you need to do is Log in to accept the invite.

2nd.-  You have to select the Trigger that you need for the order to get a printer, in this case, we are going to use "Place Order" so whenever there is an incoming order, it gets printed.

3rd - You can edit the fields of the template to show the way you need it to be, here I'll leave them blank because they are not necessary.

4th - Now we have to copy the webhook and paste it on your Ordering Dashboard.

Just Copy

And Paste The Zapier Settings will show after your purchase under "More"

5th - Create an order and click on test, Zapier will look for the process "place order" and if everything works correctly it will check this Trigger

6th - Start Twilio Integration, You have to select Twilio as an Action.

7th - Select the Delivery Message Notifications you need "Call" or "SMS", for testing purposes we are going to choose SMS this time.

8th - Connect your account of Twilio just by clicking on "Connect to Account" in Zapier, and after this use your Twilio credentials for it, you can test if everything looks fine, we can proceed.

9th - Edit the template of how the SMS is going to look in your devices, also select on which device the message will come from and to whom is going to be, it's just easy setting up, 

I would recommend you to leave the Optional options empty

10th - Here comes the most waited part! Test it! 🎆 

If you did all the set up right, you can now receive all the order notifications on your device!

Like this

If you are ready to do this, just Turn On your Zaps, and start working properly.
I really Hope this article really works for you 😀 

Mauricio C:
Have a Great Ordering!
Keep working hard


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