With our integration with Google Analytics Ecommerce track the transactions in your website is as easy as create an account and paste one little element.

To start with this integration you need to create an account in analytics.google.com and put the information of your website and click on the "Get Tracking ID" button.

Then you need to copy your tracking ID and put it in your builder.

After this you need to rebuild your website (learn how to do it in this article) and this is all you have to do in your builder.

Now only need to set up a few more things in the Google Analytics Ecommerce Settings.

Then you need to enable all the switch in the Google Analytics Ecommerce Settings.

And that's all, now you're able to see your most selled products, the pages that your customers visit more, the hours with more interaction with your clients, location where they visit the page and a lot of more useful information.

You can see more details navigating in the Conversions and Ecommerce section.

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