Let me explain you in this quick article how to do Invoices work, first of all, let's get in the known of what the invoices are for.

"An invoice is a list of products or services given to a client that includes the cost of those services. In other words, an invoice is a bill. You send an invoice to someone because they owe your business money."

Now we know what are you going to use them for, in the next steps find out how to use it in your Ordering Dashboard.

Requirements to create Invoices

-Orders have to be made already and must be completed
-The date range you choose can not be after the current-day you are (Today)
-Business Have to be chosen

Configurate your Invoices in your Dashboard
2nd Be sure to have completed orders in your Dashboard
3rd Set up the Date Range properly
4th Create Invoice  👍🏼

After you create the invoice, you can print the PDF, Download/Sent, or view, you choose the way you want to know your businesses they have to pay you an invoice.

Check this video for a quick learning

Hope all this works for you!
Have a great day

Mauricio C:
Marketing Manager


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