Before we start with this quick tutorial, we need to be sure that we have a Google Cloud Printer integrated into your account, the following link will help to see if we are on the right path.  

Link with a bunch of printers here

Ok, now that we are on the road, let's begin the process of integrating the Google Cloud Printer with the Ordering Platform.

.- You need to add the Ordering Platform just by clicking on the email and accepting the Trigger (We are going to send the link after your purchase of Zapier Extension).

It will look like on the image below. all you need to do is Log in to accept the invite.

2nd.-  You have to select the Trigger that you need for the order to get a printer, in this case, we are going to use "Place Order" so whenever there is an incoming order, it gets printed.

3rd - You can edit the fields of the template to show the way you need it to be, here I'll leave them blank because they are not necessary.

4th - Now we have to copy the webhook and paste it on your Ordering Dashboard.

Just Copy

And Paste
The Zapier Settings will show after your purchase under "More"

5th - Create an order and click on test, Zapier will look for the process "place order" and if everything works correctly it will check this Trigger

6th - Now we have to create the action which time will be Google Cloud Printer and select as Action the only one that will show called "Submit Print Job"

7th -  Add the Google Account where your printers are, Zapier will ask for some permissions to see them allow Zapier to do it and continue.

8th - Edit the Template of how the Print will look, here is a quick example:

Set up all the fields according to the way you need it to be, it's up to you.
Click on continue to see how it would look.

9th - Test this app, click on Create & Continue & that's it, you have it integrated now, the orders should be printed right away on your side.

Here is a quick video of how this can be done, I know there are some people that like more watching at the video of how to do it, it has no sound, but I know you will like it

Let me know if you had any doubt on this Article or if you have any recommendation
Have a great printing & Ordering.
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