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In this article, we are going to explain you all regarding the printer integration.

Which printers can be used with Ordering?

  • GT5000
  • GT5000S
  • GT5000S-Special
  • GT5000W
  • GT6000S
  • GT6000SW 

We recommend this provider https://www.alibaba.com/, we are not related to them on anyway & any purchase is at your own risk and is not linked to us nor our services.

NOTE: Currently these are all the Printers that are integrated into the software if you need another one we can get it int he system for just $389Usd 👍 

How to do settings:
To configure this in order to get orders from the Desktop version, Mobile Web version, iOS & Android App sent to your printer. The printer will be able to accept or reject the order.
Introducing estimated time of delivery and reason of rejection is also possible, everything gets an update to the user.

How can this be integrated?
We have to log in your Dashboard
2nd Go in your Business and click for Notifications & Payment Option.
3rd Do the following settings as mentioned below

-PORT: After creating a business, the system will show/auto-update the related port for that business.
: The server IP will be auto-updated by the system as per the new business.
System will auto-update your printer file path as per your business.
You have to set up this path in your printer settings
System will auto-update your confirmation file path as per your business.
You have to set up this path in your printer settings
-SET PRINTER MODE: You have to select the printer model from the drop-down option.

After doing this you have to submit/save it. Also, you need to do the same thing for all of your created business in order to get the facility of this service.

Take a look at this quick video

Print your success 👏🏼
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