The first that you need to do is go to the Invoice Settings to the store that you want to create the new invoice.

Billing business details

On this section, you need to write your VAT Registration number, the address that shows on the invoice and the email address for the business.

Select the payment methods.

You can select Paypal or Bank.


You need to complete this fields:

  • Bank Name: Write the name of the bank.
  • Bank A/C No: Write your Bank number.
  • Routing No: Write your Bank Routing number (is a nine-digit code).
  • Swift Code: Write the Swift code to your bank, this code is an international bank code that identifies particular banks worldwide. It's also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC).


PayPal email: Write the email that you have configurated your PayPal account.

Billing Options.

You have different billing options that you can choose.

  • Setup rate (fixed price):  Enter the fixed amount you want to obtain from the business.
  • Fixed Rate: Write the fixed rate to this business.
  • Per order commission (%):  Write the commission that you want to get per order (this option is to percentage).
  • Per Order Fixed Rate: Write the fixed rate that you want to get per order. 
  • Other Rate: You can write another type of rate.
  • Vat (%): You can write a percentage according to the VAT.

NOTE: Don't forget to save the changes after you complete the invoice settings.

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