Manage your domain with CloudFlare is very useful to administrate your email, TXT and MX records. Also, you can add some rules or DNS configuration.

Note: We do not recommend buying your domain in, because they keep the domain if you want to change it, in the time you are with wix it’s ok, however when you change platforms is not possible edit the NS and install the SSL certificate, with the same domain.

First of all, you need to create a CloudFlare account, now you need to do what this article indicates (, but change the servers name for the ones that your CloudFlare account has. Then you need to add a new site in your account.

And need to write your domain name (without www or https, only the

If you have some previous configuration CloudFlare will automatically get the DNS configuration and now all you need to do is to add the next DNS configuration. (The alias is "" don't replace anything of that). 

When everything is ok green banner appears.

Then you need to go to the Crypto Section and be sure that the SSL is set to Full. (This section won't change until the DNS configuration is done and right)

Now you need to go to the Caching section and be sure that the Browser Caché Expiration is "Respect Existing Headers".

Now you need to add the next Page Rules:

Once you have done all those steps your site will be running in your site.

NOTE: If your site start showing [email_protected] just need to disable the Email Address Obfuscation setting

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