We understand that sometimes questions can come up and we (Ordering.co) are ready for that!

I am very happy to explain to you today what steps to take so we can help you as soon as possible.

We have an excellent help center that allows you to read the answer of other customers and to post your questions, too. We have different categories according to the doubts or problems that you are having. So we will give you here a good explanation of what to do when you need to solve a question.

Step 1:

Go to "HELP" in your Ordering Builder OR click on this button:

Check the Knowledge Base to check if there is any tutorial for your topic.

Step 2:

Check if someone has already asked the same questions as you. Click on questions

and then use the search field to search for the keywords of your topic. Try a couple. Be creative!

Step 3:

If Step 1 and Step 2 did not work for you then you are welcome to post your questions and we will reply it within 24 hours within M - F.

Also, do not forget! Many users (our customers) are willing to help you for free.  

Everyone can read your questions, so be polite and clear!

⚠️Do not forget to include screenshots or videos of your problems, please!


Also, you can access to a more complete view of all the post about other customers following the steps in this other article: https://help.ordering.co/getting-started/how-to-login-to-canny


  • What happens after you post a question?

We solve all posts within 24 hours from M - F - Most of time in even less than that! and if you are lucky another user (any of our customers) can answer to your directly, too!

  • What happens if we merge your post with another one? 

That means the original post answers your question

  • Do you get a notification per email each time we update the status or comment on your post? 

Yes, every time there is a change of any kind of users. Our agents for support and any other customer is a user of the help center.

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