Ordering keep on improving and with the Editor you will be amazed on how easy the set up of your Multi-Store Platform will be, it'll just require some drag & drop of images, typing products & products to get it done.

On this article I'll show you how

The first thing you will need to do is get in your Ordering Editor, get in your Website and Log in as SuperAdmin, once you do this a new option will show called "Admin Area", here 3 Options will show:

My Stores
Like the Dashboard currently does, it will show you all the Stores that you have and options to start managing all your stores and the set up that comes with them.

One of the coolest thing about the Builder is the new drag & drop, with this you can only get the files you need and start dropping the images in the Logos, Banners, Products & more, have fun!

Orders Manager
Here you can see all the incoming Orders that are getting inside each business, however, if you are logged in as a Business Owner in your Editor (You log in just like the superadmin does whit the Business Owner Credentials), you will get Pop Up Notifications with Sound to let you know whenever there is an incoming order in your store.

We know this will help you a lot to provide the best customer service ever.

The Settings, as always, here you will find a lot of aspects about your site that help you to do things better and specific for your site, for example: control the Payment Settings, Create New Cities, Select the Language you might need in your platform, & much more.

We are sure that with this new editor, your business will grow a lot, and of course the success.

Oh, I almost forget, every change that is made in the Editor will instantly show on the front end 👍 

Now!  We have four options in our Editor!

My Stores

Here you can find your available stores, you will have the ability to edit, add, copy and delete the stores you want.

Orders Manager

Here you can see all the incoming Orders that are getting inside each business.


Here you can find all the configurations of your stores.

Delivery Dashboard

With our last update, we have integrated our dashboard so you can know where your customers' orders are.

Here is a Quick video showing some of the features in action 😀 

As always
We wish you a Happy Ordering

Mauricio C:
Ordering, Inc.

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