The creation of the apps takes less than 10 working days, it could be a lot faster if you help us having the next information available at your purchase.


  • Google Maps API KEY: This field is recommended due the default API key is limited usage, if you create your own you will have unlimited usage. You can learn how to create it in this article, this can be changed anytime during your subscription.
  • Google Play Developer Account: This is highly recommended, you will need to share with us your account so we can configure in the app the required permissions to be uploaded to the Play Store, even if you don't have this field you will be able to test the apps in your real Android device. Learn how to create it.
  • App Store Developer Account: This field is critical, even for testing in your Apple device. We will need this to give you an app ready to test and with the requirement to upload to the App Store (in case you have two factor authentication we will contact you). Learn how to create it.
  • UDID: We need this to link your Apple device to your Apple Developer Account and be able to test your apps on iOS devices, this link might help you to get it and share it with us. Learn more about how to get this.


We need some images to create the apps, if you don't send this images we will create an app with some dummy images that you will be able to change at anytime later. 

  • Home screen logo: 1020 x 283 px with transparent background .png format. Example image.
  • Home Background: 1242 x 2209 px. Example image.
  • Icon: 1020 x 283 px with transparent background .png format. Example image.
  • Splash screen:  2208x2208 px in png format without transparency. Example image.

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