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In this quick article we are going to show you the top 10 questions that are most asked for all the ordering community & also we are glad to invite you to see the Ordering forum where you can find a lot of answers & learn more about our customers.

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1.- Custom Pages

What is this? This is the footer section where you can add multiple pages for example "Privacy Policy" or "Contact us", maybe you need some forms, or add facebook, twitter & more.

The most commons issues:

  • Not Uploading the right files in your Ordering Builder
  • Not updating the site to see the changes
  • Not trying the new page that was created

Thankfully, we have created some articles that will explain and solve a love of doubts that you have, and those will be answered even before asking.

Here are some articles that will help you to get this done

πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/ordering-builder-my-ordering-co/cms/app-pages




2.- Get an extensiΓ³n

What is an extension? A extension is a new functionality/ad-on that you can get in your Website & Apps to improve the performance or provide a new experience for the customers, such as:Β 

  • Advanced map search for website & apps.
  • New payment gateways.
  • Discount with coupons for website & apps.
  • And much more inside your marketplace.

The most common questions & answers for them:

How can I enable an extension?
Response: If you already purchased this extension all you need to do is update your website or apps depending on which extension you bought, and also be sure that you have it included on the package you've selected.

Here is an article that will show you some more info

πŸ“— http://help.ordering.co/ordering-builder-my-ordering-co/build-update/update-version.

3.- Upload Apps

What does this means? If your package includes Apps, we are sure that you want to have them inside the Google Play & Appstore Stores, ordering provides you some services according to your package, some of them helps you to upload only the Apps, & the other helps you get the listing done.

Here are the packages & comments

  • Upload the APK & IPA files means that we only get those Apps uploaded in the store until you say they are ready, this meaning you have tested them and make sure they are good to go, since this is done only once for free, be very careful, if you need to re upload them it has a cost of $49usd/each.
  • Listing, this is all the information, images, keywords, name and some specific data that will go in the stores Google Play & Appstore, some of our customers have trouble or does not have the time to complete this, we can help you with this service, has a cost of $149usd/each.
  • The Store is showing me an issue with the version of the app: as this description says., you have to update the version of the App, for example fi the App is 3.1.1 you have to update it to 3.1.2, that'll do the work.

Here are some articles that will help you to understand how to get your Apps sooner

πŸ“— https://ordering.canny.io/admin/board/questions/p/application-loader-can-not-load
πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/delivery-apps/delivery-app-rejected
πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/apps-related/error-uploading-ipa-file-first-time

4.- Custom Work

What is this?On some of our Ordering packages, you have the chance to quote custom work done by the ordering team, and of some of them you can do them yourself, and save some money πŸ‘, I know it sounds interesting, take a look at this articles and find out all the capabilities of your platform.


πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/getting-started/footer-edit-the-content-of-my-footer
πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/ordering-builder-my-ordering-co/developers/edit--custom-files
πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/ordering-builder-my-ordering-co/home-screen-content

5.- Google Maps API Keys

What is this? This allows your website & apps to use the location services properly according to your location, the Google Maps API Keys has to be done by you in your account, this article will help you to get this done πŸ˜€Β 

πŸ“— https://help.ordering.co/getting-started/create-my-own-google-maps-api-key

6.- Business Menu & Schedule

How does this works? This is one of the most important set up that you need to have done in order to show your store in the platform with the products and schedules that you need to sell
Learn more in this articleΒ 


7.- Custom Domain

Your site your domain - Ordering knows that having your own design and style in the site is one of the tops priority for each e-commerce entrepreneur, that is why we make sure that you achieve those aspects in your site easily, and we help you for it too.
Here are some articles that will help you get things done πŸ‘Β 


8.- Custom Work RelatedΒ 

As you remember, some of the packages have the chance to add custom work done by us, if you are wondering how to get this done, it is very easy, all you need to do is fill up a form in order to get the custom work quote, after this, if it fits your needs, you pay it and we start working on it, there will be a follow up & ETA in all the process.

9.-Facebook Login

Registering via Facebook is nowdays one of the most important things to have in your e-commerce site, landing page, or even Apps, why? because every human loves just to tap the screen just once and just start ordering all the products & services they want.

Ordering got this covered, take a look at this quick article to show you how it works.


Note: Be sure that your package includes it

10.- Remove "Powered by"

Are you wondering if there will be any label in your site? if you are, here is the answer, most of our packages includes this little label at the bottom of the browsers or in case of the Apps, it'll be in the splash screen just for a few seconds.

if you want to remove it, we have the Advanced White Label Package ready for you.
Contact us for more information.

If the package does not have this feature included, it'll show the "powered by" and the only way to remove it is to upgrade.

We wish for you the best success always!
Hope this helps you in this journey πŸŽ‰


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