Let us explain you why some of this changes are not showing, there might be several mistakes that you are doing in the Ordering Builder or Set up, also it might be the browser cache.

Let's go 1 by 1 to see which one will solve your doubt 👍 

Ordering Builder Set up

1.- There is a change in your App or Web, maybe a new extension, new keys, new images, new name, new color or any change.

2.- After you've made the change, you have to Update the Settings that you are in, for example, you change an image, you have to Update, you change a Setting in your App or Website you have to Update.

Example Image below

3.- Rebuilt your Apps or Website to see the changes.

--Very Important--

Clear your cache & history to see the changes, or see them in an incognito window in case of Website, and for Apps please re-install them according to the newest version in your Builder.

Learn Here more about how to clear your Cache or History.

You have to do this each time you do any kind of change in your App or Website because you are putting brand new information on it, therefore, you need to create a new Build (update).

For the Apps, you have to re-upload them in the Stores in order for you and all your customers see the changes.
Here you can learn to upload the IPA & APK.

We are sure this will help you a lot 😀
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