This article explains how to use the Ordering App to make an order and all the information that you need to fill so that you can complete this order.

1.- Click to write your address location. You can also select if you want the order for pickup or delivery. Also the language can be selected if you have multiple languages on your app.
2.- Click to find all the businesses near your address.

3.- Click to select the store.

4.- On this section, you can see all the categories that this restaurant or business have. Click on these to see all the products.

5.- On this screen you can see all the products and descriptions. Click on these to see more information about the product that you select.

6.- Choose the different options about the product that you select.
7.- Once all the options are selected, click on "Add" to add this product to your cart.

8.- Click to see your cart.

9.- On this screen you can see your order details.
10.- Click on "Order Now" to start the checkout for your Order.

11.- On this screen, you can Create an Account to complete your purchase. If you are already registered click on "Login."

12.- Verify if all the information shown is correct or complete the fields that are needed.
13.- Select your payment method.
14.- Select the delivery tip for the driver.
15.- When you complete all the information click on "Place Order" to complete your purchase.

This image shows that your order has been sent successfully and the confirmation screen. 

That is the full process of the Ordering App
Hope this worked for you

Have a happy Ordering

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