This is a new way to improve your salesforce, now it will be fully automated, and your customer will have the best experience, just like being with a human.
User friendly & smart as always.

Let me show you how this BOT will help you to do more sales without moving 1 finger.

1st - The customer interacts with the customers in a easy & friendly way.

Bot Asks for :

  • Name
  • Delivery Type
  • Pick up or Delivery
  • Location (By clicking on Geolocation Button or Writing Address)
  • Confirms that he has now the information necessary to continue the ordering process

2nd - Displays the Businesses according to your location, you can select any of them to continue the ordering process

The Highlighted Option is an example of choice after the customers tabs on it, the BOT says something friendly according to the customer choice and explains that the next step will be showing the menu.

3rd -
The Menus will show in order for your customer to choose the products you provide.

1st Image: Shows the Business, Categories, Products with prices & description.

2nd Image: When you tap on any product this pop up shows with the ability of adding special instructions and the product.

After you choose the products the BOT ask you if the shopping is over and gives you the chance to see the shopping cart with all the products.

4th - Ending the purchase

BOT Displays the cart and gives you the chance to delete or edit the products and asks if you want pay, for your number, time of delivery (buttons) and then continues to the next screen like a chat sliding down, before BOT proceed it shows your order and confirmation (checkout), if everything seems fine, tap on “Let´s Pay” and BOT asks you if you want to pay with CASH or Stripe, next screen like a chat sliding down You confirm payment.

BOT shows you the Successful purchase and says thanks.

A Home button shows at the bottom right.

Learn more about Bot for Apps here

We also have BOT for website

I hope this help you to get a better understanding of the Ordering BOT functionalities

Have a great Ordering
Let me know if you have any good ideas of this article I'll be more than happy to read and apply them.

Mauricio C:
Marketing Manager

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