This option is only available for mobile apps. If you have a web application, then you need to build your website.

1.- This shows the status of Android or iOS app. If everything is OK, then the status is complete, if something went wrong the status is an error, and if you doesn't build anything yet the status is unknown.

2.- You can download your appName.apk (Android) or appName.ipa (iOS) to your mobile just reading the QR code with any app that reads QR codes.

3.- This shows you the general information about your business apps, such as name, description, version and package.

4.- You can download your appName.apk (Android) or appName.ipa (iOS) to your computer just click on the download button, if there's an error or no app built, then the button is disabled.

5.- Clicking on "Build Pro" to make an app ready to upload to the store.

6.- Clicking on "Build Test" to make an app ready to run into your phone with testing purpose, but you can´t upload to the store.

If your app is already online, 

don't forget to upload the new version to the store.

When your app is ready, just follow the next steps to upload it to the store:

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